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Enrollment has closed

Enrollment for this course is currently closed, but the next offering will be available shortly. Check back soon!

4 Sessions / 8-10 hours of work per session
Video Transcripts

Sonos Boston 2018: Sonos Challenge: Boston (presented by Real Industry)

Sonos Challenge: Boston (presented by Real Industry)
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Would you like to enroll?

Enrollment for this course has closed. But you can enroll in a future offering (please select)

Enrollment has closed

Enrollment for this course is currently closed, but the next offering will be available shortly. Check back soon!

4 Sessions / 8-10 hours of work per session
Video Transcripts
Course Description

    The Sonos Challenge helps to amplify your skills in support of your future career, develop a real-world portfolio project, and win prizes and experiences!

    Smart speakers are transforming how we enjoy music, access information, and interact with our homes. What do you see as the future?

    Your challenge: How do we design or build an experience that delivers the right sound, at the right moment, into people's lives?

    The Challenge:

    Submit a 5-minute video submission (submitted here) that showcases your prototype for a smart speaker experience that delivers the right sound, at the right moment, into people's lives.

    Students may work in teams (up to 5 people max) to ideate, design, mockup, and prototype on any platform - mobile, cloud, embedded, or directly on Sonos hardware! Students have access to the Sonos Developer platform!


  • Kick-off event: Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET
  • Online challenge opens and submissions begin: Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 9:00 PM ET
  • Online challenge concludes: Thursday, October 18, 2018, 11:59 PM ET

Zoom-webinar Office Hours

In-Person Office Hours at Sonos HQ!

Access Sonos' development lab to test your integration and get hands-on support.

Signups first come first served here! Contact julia@realindustry.org ASAP if all signup slots are full and your team needs access to hardware.


    Each member of the winning team (up to 5 people) will win a Sonos Beam ($399), for a total of up to $2,000 in prizes.
    Select winning teams will have an opportunity to showcase their submissions to Sonos leadership!

    Challenge Rules:

  • Your design must leverage at least 1 amazing sounding speaker in a home.
  • Sound playback must focus on a standalone speaker(s), and not earbuds, headphones, or a phone’s built-in speaker!
  • Students are encouraged to work in interdisciplinary teams, but individual entries are allowed.
  • Participants must be enrolled undergraduate or graduate students at a university.

  • Sonos Developer API Portal:
    Sonos Challenge participants have the unique opportunity to access the Sonos API!

    Create an account to get API keys to use for your integration: https://developer.sonos.com

    Sonos Challenge Support:
    Sonos mentors will be available for your comments and questions on Stack Overflow.
    Just tag "Sonos" on your questions and they will reply. (To see other Q&As, see here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sonos)
    For any questions on your team, logistics, or this online portal, email julia@realindustry.org

    Students must BUILD and DEMONSTRATE a prototype using a speaker or smart speaker platform.

    Demonstrations should be a 5-minute (max) video presentation.

    Demonstration videos should include all of the following:

    • Explain and introduce your target user.
    • Explain your value proposition. (Who cares? What problem are your solving, or what opportunity are you creating?)
    • Explain your smart speaker experience and how it "delivers the right sound, at the right moment, into people's lives?"
    • Explain and showcase what you built
    • Explain the technology used to implement the design
    • Optional: Explain any design considerations, validation, or testing you did on this user group
    • Include all team members names, majors, and email addresses

    Best practices: Spend 20% of your presentation introducing the user and problem you are solving, 60% of your presentation describing what you built and how it works, and 20% in other areas.

    All submissions must be SUBMITTED HERE by October 8th at 11:59pm ET. Only 1 team member is required to submit a team's entry. Team limit is 5 people.


    Submit your video here: https://explore.realindustry.org/courses/sonos-challenge-boston-presented-by-real-industry/coursework/file-submission-1-sonos-challenge-submission
    Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Submit assignment."

    You may either Drag and Drop your video or add an external link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

    If adding an external link, copy and paste the url into the comments section.

    Add a title and description to your entry.

    When you click "Submit," you should see a pop-up that says "Success! Successfully submitted assignment." Email julia@realindustry.org if you have any issues or questions.

    Judging Criteria

    • Innovation and inventiveness: How well does this new design “push the envelope” and enhance user experience?
    • Technical skills: How well does the team demonstrate technical skills and engineering best practices?
    • Suitability to purpose: How well does the design prove useful and suited to serving its purpose, providing a positive user experience?
      • Creativity: How well does the entry reflect cleverness and originality of thought to support the challenge and add value?
Slides from the Boston Sonos Challenge kickoff event
Sonos API: https://developer.sonos.com

Introducing the Sonos Sound Platform: https://developer.sonos.com/blog/
Connected Home: Get Started: https://developer.sonos.com/build/connected-home-get-started/

Sound Experience Guidelines: https://developer.sonos.com/build/seg/


Enrollment Closed

Session 1: Behind the Scenes - The Making of Sonos Products
Go behind the scenes at Sonos!
8 lessons
1. SONOS PLAYBAR Behind the Scenes
2. SONOS SUB Behind the Scenes
3. The Making of PLAYBASE
4. Sonos PLAY: 1 Behind the Scenes
5. The Making of the Limited Edition Sonos x Blue Note PLAY:1
6. Inside the Sonos Sound Lab
7. Sonos Trueplay: Behind the Scenes
8. The Making of the new Sonos PLAY:5 – Behind the Scenes
Session 2: Hardware Engineering
We plug-in our guitars to a stomp box and guitar amp, or use a MIDI keyboard to play some synth parts and record a vocal line with a microphone into an audio interface on our laptop. We listen to our music with high quality headphones and speakers, and enjoy room to room wireless audio and bluetooth syncing among our devices. Or, some of us have the privilege of working on an 80-fader mixing console. This is all enabled by hardware engineers. From the analog circuit design, to the power amplifiers, designing customer chips, industrial design, manufacturing millions of units, and wireless synchronization. In audio and music, their work makes music more visceral - creative, tactile, and sounding amazing.
16 lessons
1. 7.1 - Introduction to HW Engineering
2. 7.2 - Introduction to Chris Kallai at Sonos
3. 7.4 - Hardware Product and Project Development Leadership
4. 7.5 (+old 7.6) - Hardware and Manufacturing Test. Designing for Ten Years in the Future
5. 7.6 - Walkthrough of the Sonos Play1
6. 7.7 - Learning Through Iteration at Sonos
7. 7.8 - Software at Sonos
8. 7.9 - Brook Reeder
9. 7.10 - Engineering Teams at Sonos
10. 7.11 - Team Collaboration
11. 7.12 - Play1 Example of Teams Coming Together
12. 7.13 - What is a Good Starting Role?
13. 7.14 - Hiring - Passion, Curiosity, Teamwork, and Experience
14. 7.16 Cross-Country Collaboration: Beer and Sushi
15. 7.17 - Internal Innovation Ideas: Hackweeks
16. 7.18 - Conclusion
Session 3: The Music & Video Tech Industry
An overview of some of the basic roles and responsibilities at companies like Sonos, Avid, Pandora, iZotope, and more! And a warm welcome to the music industry. Topics include: - The business of making amazing products - Industry segmentation: Consumer. Professional. Instruments to Headphones. Plug-ins to Pandora. Software, HW, Mobile, Cloud, Web, Licensing, Embedded. - Market size and opportunity - How Companies are Structured: basic building blocks - Industry Roles and Careers
7 lessons
1. Course Overview
2. How will you plug in
3. Jay's Story: Gaining Job Experience and Networking
4. Overview of the Media Technology Industry
5. Market Size
6. Roles in Technology Companies
7. Summary
Session 4: HR: Resumes, Interviewing, and Job Offers
The interview and hiring process.
15 lessons
1. 6.1 - Human Resources Overview
2. 6.2 - Intro to Johanna Perri
3. 6.3- Misconceptions of HR
4. 6.4 - Intro to Christiane Kuestermann
5. 6.5 - What is HR?
6. 6.8 - The Process of Hiring 50 New People at iZotope
7. 6.9 - The Hiring Timeline and Hiring from within an Organization
8. 6.11 - The In-Person Interview
9. 6.13- What Personality Traits Do You Look For In Potential Hires?
10. 6.15 - Application Process at Native Instruments
11. 6.16 - Screening Resumes
12. 6.17- Do You Have Advice on Work Samples to Send?
13. 6.18 - On Tenacity and Follow-Up
14. 6.19 - Negotiating Your Job Offer
15. 6.20- HR Wrap-Up
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Total: 100.00%
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